Step Deck Dispatch

When it comes to hauling with step deck (also known as “drop deck”) trailers, it truly is “go big or go home.” It is a big responsibility to transport oversize and over-height cargo, never mind having to jump through logistical and organizational hoops to keep your business afloat.

How can you concentrate on getting these large loads where they need to be safely and on time if a big chunk of your day is spent looking for and assessing prospective loads, haggling over prices and rates, generating and completing all the paperwork required by regulations and industry practices, and monitoring for and ensuring compliance to all relevant legislation and sector guidelines? That’s where a2z Dispatch Services comes in.

a2z Dispatch Services Steps Up the Step Deck Dispatch
Since our inception in 2015, we at a2z Dispatch Services have had one overarching goal: to help our clients in the trucking industry make more money. This is achieved through comprehensive step-deck dispatch services, including price negotiations, detailed searches, up-to-the-minute liaising, and professional document management. We choose to work with our clients to achieve their business goals — never forcing clients to accept loads they don’t want to and being honest about expectations and industry reality. We aren’t here to run your business; we’re here to help you run your business better.

Apart from saving you valuable time so you can accumulate more runs, our step deck dispatch services actually cost a lot less than you would expect — certainly less than hiring your own in-house, full-time dispatchers. In many cases, even less expensive than hiring just one dispatcher. The money you save from office rentals and talent recruitment could be funnelled back towards other overhead and help support your bottom line.

Honest Step Deck Support

a2z Dispatch Services lives in the real world, just like you, so we give real-world information with no embellishments or empty promises. We treat you the way we want our business partners to treat us. Give us a call or contact us online, and find out how we can work together to step up your business.


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